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Thursday, November 30, 2006

corey & kauai

The coreyoke shows at the joint were underwhelming.

Though we built a solid following of nearly 15 people, it's not enough for us to continue playing there. We each make about 8 bucks an hour and, well, that's not enough. So we will move on to another venue and see how it goes.

We may do a thing at a place called the lava lounge beginning in january.


Jessie and I are off to Kauai tomorrow morning. We're finally going on our honeymoon. If I had a better VO year this year, I would probably be more excited about going.

It will be nice to be warm for a while. It has gotten too cold for me here (below 60. I'm a wuss, yes.)

Jessie is having anxiety attacks regarding being "in public" in a bikini. Man, I feel so bad for women. Sorry that we do that to you, ladies.

Oh well. Better her than me!

I think the place we're staying has no internet, so it will be weird for me. There is a place "down the street" that does, though I don't know what "down the street" really means.


Rock on!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Coreyoke was a blast tonight. Proof of concept. Lots of people. Lots of people having fun. Lots of people getting drunk and having even more fun and telling us they'll be back next week with their friends. One of the peeps is a stringer for the L.A. Times who is going to pitch us to his editor about doing an article.

That's the kind of spontaneous publicity we need to get ahead, people!

In other news, I did some v.o. spots for my good buddies at PG&E and a "directed audition" (they paid a little bit) for Sylvan which did not go so well. There was lots of copy that needed "massaging" but there was not much time, so I ended up sounding like a slick ass pitchman. Not good for Sylvan Learning centers.


The McBook is running beautifully. fuck that RAM.

Speaking of RAM, on America's Funniest Home Videos, there was one with a ram ramming a car in Italy or something. It killed me. Stupid pissed of ram. Mad at a car. 'tard.

Yay for Coreyoke!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

McBook II - Electric Boogaloo

So it seems that the 2g of ram I had has been the culprit.

I received the replacement McBook Thursday and within an hour, the same crab begain; programs crashing, the mcbook crashing... horrible.

Then I had the bright idea to aks the mac experts in my life if the RAM might be the culprit. They said it could be. I swapped the 2g out and put the 512k back in and it's been running as beautifully and smoothly as a barefoot kenyan at the olympic marathon.


Now I'm a mac asshole! Yeahboiiii!

Also, come to Coreyoke this Tuesday. You will love it.

Speaking of UCB, it's the one in Hollywood, not NYC.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

two things

1. A delightful Coreyoke shoe tonight. The audience was small but vocal and we had a nice time with Jimmy Fallon showing us how to handle success.

2. I'm glad the democrats are in charge finally. Now they will make everything perfect, right? Isn't that right, guys? I mean, now that you democrats are in charge, everything's going to be perfect, right? Hmm? What? Right? Guys?

... guys?

... but... hey...

... you said... um... you said...

... shit.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The Apple store said they would only swap the hard drive on my dead within 3 weeks McBook, but the place I purchased it from, Expercom.com is sending me a new one.

If you're ever in the market for Apple stuff, expercom.com is the place to go. They are good eggs.

Waiting to see if the monitor the other place sends me works. They said they were sending another one. Maybe the power cable will be included. Who knows.

It's all too fucking horrible.

Maybe you'll come to Coreyoke Tuesday night!

Friday, November 03, 2006

me performing twice this week.

I will be playing bass twice in one week.

November 7th, is the first night of Coreyoke at The Joint in L.A.

Coreyoke is an 80's karaoke band. We have about 50 songs. You pick the one you want to sing, sign up, we get you up on stage, count you in and you rock the house. We are each a "Corey". I'm Feldman, the guitarist is Haim and the drummer is Hart.

It is the most fun you will ever have. No lie. We are quite good, but completely not threatening. We try to be as stupid as possible so you look really good, even if you can't sing. You've always wanted to sing in a band, right? Come down. Beer is 2 bucks and it's free to get in! We go on around 9:30 and play until we stop.

We do Bohemian Rhapsody.

I am totally serious.

Thursday night, Nov. 9, my "real" band, The Thornbirds are playing at BB Kings at Universal City at 9pm. Since everyone has these cover bands wot pay good money and families, we don't get to play ass much ass we'd like to and this is a rare treat for us. So, make it a rare treat for you, ass well.

Come see a guy in his 40s cling desperately to his youth.

P.S. I'm doing Spamscam at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater December 16th at 9pm. More on that later.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

cheap trick

god damn they're good.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


the macbook (McBook) which I purchased 3 weeks ago is dead.

now i get to go through the joys of customer cervix with apple.

switch, indeed.